About us

Hey there, electronic music lovers. We are Project TIDE and proud of it. Thierry founded the group together with Pjotr and the combination of their nick names Tiny and Devoraz resulted in the name TiDe. Put the word ‘Project’ in front of it and there you have it… Project TIDE.

Soon the project grew to four man with the coming of Michel and Michel and the project released the albums ‘Time’ and ‘Got Poo?’, but not long after that the Project released ‘DOT’, which was basically only Thierry’s work and was put on hold. Thierry went solo under the name ‘Tiny’. His solo project was more funk-based and Tiny got significantly popular in the states on various funk-oriented radio stations, most notably the station of funk professor Rickey Vincent.

After Thierry released Project TIDE’s 11 track, self-titled album, he asked former members to get back into the project. Pjotr (Devoraz) was the only one to responded positively and as of february 2014 Project TIDE will be working seriously on their electronic quest, influenced by artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro and Vangelis.

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