Welcome to a new and repurposed NiGHTMaRe PaTRoL

Hello and welcome to the NiGHTMaRe PaTRoL. Your defense against Bad Dreams. I am known as Devoraz Windcatcher and working in almost all corners of the internet. Whether it be making music, playing games, creating websites, doing a live radio show or streaming live through twitch, I love it all. This domain was my very first claimed domain name and the name is taken from a song by my favorite metal band Mekong Delta.

Since July 1st 2023 it is repurposed to be an extension of my stream channel. You can check me out at It still requires a lot of work but it will be filled with all kinds of useful information concerning me streaming and playing games. I hope to see you all in one of my streams someday. Until then… Stay save, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and take care of your loved ones!

See you!

Devoraz Windcatcher